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Asteroid Belt of Trash Blocking Transmissions of Love


Asteroid Belt of Trash Blocking Transmissions of Love
The Art Foundation at The Reading Room [link]
Dallas, TX
Texas Biennial 2013 participating organizations ]

September 6- November 2, 2013
Opening Reception: September 14th from 7-9 PM

Drawing inspiration and content from Jonathan Lethem’s novel Chronic City, The Art Foundation will create a series of broadsides referencing the slow revelation of layered truths embodied within a city. Utilizing pop-culture, esoterica, and cinematic reference the works will be a layered series of pasted graffiti style “advertisements” covering the gallery wall. Considering the city as a willful entity, often suppressing transparency of intent behind emotive distraction and conspiracy, the exhibit introduces far-flung fragmented ideas as the channel from which truth is revealed, though often mistaking fanciful simulacra for the real and reality for myth.

Take-away fliers/propaganda will be available in an attempt to expand the tangled revelations beyond the gallery in an effort to mirror and permeate the city. Additional programming, including readings and lectures, will be announced during the run of the exhibit as details are confirmed.


The Art Foundation and The Reading Room are participating organizations in the Texas Biennial 2013.



Preview: “Satellites of Love…” Jaime Laughlin, Dallas Observer, September 12, 2013

Review: “Asteroid Belt of Trash Blocking Transmissions of Love” by Colette Copeland,, Oct. 15

Press: “Why Are Art Collectives Popping Up Everywhere?” by Joan Davidow, Art & Seek, Oct. 22

Catalog: TX BIENNIAL 2013

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